design and website services from Anne Cotgreave

Websites by Skinnycat Design are built to be responsive and mobile friendly, with the pages adapting to different screen dimensions across a wide range of computers and mobile devices.

All new websites use Joomla! content management system (CMS) which makes the updating process speedier and less of a hassle. It's also fairly easy for a novice to learn the basics of editing and updating content.

Throughout the design process I focus on the way visitors will be using the site, keeping an 'imaginary visitor' at the back of my mind. This helps to guide me in setting up the structure and navigation so that it's easy to find everything, without getting lost in a maze of links or going round in circles.

With Joomla!, website content can be updated by logging in to the administrator section from any Internet-connected computer. I offer tuition and support for clients who wish to manage their own updates, or I'm happy to do this myself on an ad hoc basis or with a regular schedule.

All website files and databases are backed up regularly to guard against disasters, and software is automatically checked for updates which are installed when they become available.

Skinnycat Design websites have been hosted with Heart Internet since 2006. Heart regularly wins industry awards for excellent service – they have minimal downtime and offer wonderful support.

  • All web hosting packages include mailboxes and/or email forwarding
  • A new domain name can be registered or your existing domain transferred from your current provider if required
  • If you wish to keep your domain name with your existing service provider it can be linked to your new hosting package
  • You can add new features to your package at any time
  • All hosting packages include access to a control panel for easy management of your passwords, mailboxes, file transfer and other tasks